Medical Gas Outlets

  • Stainless steel
  • Types of outlets based on BS 5685 standard
  • Types of outlets based on JIS T 7101 standard
  • Types of outlets based on DIN 13260-2 standard

Medical gases are used in all hospital departments and treatment environments. Medical gases are transported from the main sources of medical gases to different parts of the hospital by piping, and the gas flow is continuous in the lines. Although medical gases are not used permanently in the department, for the temporary connection of medical equipment that works with medical gases, the medical gas flow of the terminals is required, which in addition to establishing the gas flow, the issue of sealing these connections must be well controlled. This is why medical gases are used.

Medical gas dispenser or so-called medical gas terminal is a device that provides operator access to medical gases from the central part of the hospital. Outlets are used in various ways, including surface, built-in, and installation on hospital consoles, according to the installation location. Due to the vital importance of outlets and their diversity, their unique standard colors and abbreviations (national and regional standards) are defined for the convenience of the user, and each outlet has special holes. (the hole of each outlet is a position that is only filled by its special adapter and allows the athlete to be activated and the desired medical gas to be released).

The medical gas outlet or gas terminals in the Farad Tajhiz collection are made in an integrated and stainless steel manner, which has made this company’s product to have a much higher quality and longevity than similar products in the market. The use of steel in outlets equipment not only increases the life of the product, but also makes it easier to clean and sterilize. Farad Tajhiz outlets are designed and produced in different standards, which include DIN, JIS, BSI, which are made according to the customer’s needs. The outlets of this collection do not have any restrictions in terms of the type of gas, which includes oxygen, vacuum, anesthesia, carbon dioxide and compressed air.