Baby Bed Head Console

  • Elegant design
  • Different in size and design
  • Easy and quick access to inside of bed head console

The console above the patient’s head, children’s model, is a device that is placed next to or above every hospital bed in different departments, such as hospitalization, special care department, etc. The efficiency of the console is to meet the needs of patients, which includes electrical switches and sockets, medical gas dispensers, lighting, nurse summoning system, etc. The consoles are usually made to order and according to the needs of the hospital, devices and supplies are installed on it. The length of the consoles can be changed according to the number of devices and their location.

Children’s console above the patient’s head made by Farad Tajhiz company is made with high quality due to its beautiful and practical design. The console above the patient’s head, children’s model, can be installed vertically and horizontally. One of the distinctive features of the consoles of this collection is that the dimensions, color and orientation of the console are designed and manufactured according to the customer’s order. The material of the console above the patient’s head of the children’s model of Farad Tajhiz Sepanta is selected from aluminum, which is anodized before painting, and according to the design and profile of the consoles, many equipment and tools can be installed on it without changing the appearance of the console. or cause damage to it. The electrical equipment installed on the consoles is prepared and used from the best types and brands, and Farad Tajhiz company has provided this platform with regard to the ability to personalize, so that our dear customers can change all the electrical equipment according to their order and desire. Usually, the equipment related to medical gases is produced by Farad Tajhiz company and these products are of high quality in terms of material, design and construction.