Ceiling pendant Model Hermes

  • shelves with adjustable height
  • Up to 330° rotation from the joints
  • Single rotary arm pendant, suitable for operating room and ICU
  • Elegant Multifaceted design with easy access to medical gas outlets

Hermes ceiling column hanging device is a device that is used in the operating room and special care units. Ceiling column hangers are divided into 2 fixed and movable types, the movable type has arms that can rotate up to 330 degrees. The ceiling column usually consists of two main parts, which are the arms, which include one arm and two arms horizontally according to the customer’s order, and the hanging head, on which all the desired tools and accessories that are supposed to be installed on the hanger are placed has it.

Hermes model ceiling column hanging device of Farad Tajhiz Sepanta Engineering Company, which is used in operating rooms and special care departments, is a set that is installed on it according to the order and needs of the consumer.

The body material of the hangers is made of anodized aluminum which is covered with paint. The default color of the hangers is white, but it can be changed according to the customer’s request. Hermes model ceiling column hanging device is made according to the needs of customers in two types, fixed or mobile (armed), and has all the devices and tools installed on it depending on the customer’s order.

The Hermes model ceiling column hanging device of Farad Tadiz collection is completely flexible in terms of installing equipment and tools on it, which means that any number of tools that are needed in operating room sets and special care departments can be installed on the hangers and also According to the number of equipment, the length of hangers can be increased.

The movable ceiling column hangers of Farad Tajhiz move by means of arms, the length of which is designed according to the customer’s order, and these hangers are made in the form of single arm and double arm.