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Medical gases are used in all hospital and treatment departments, and these gases are transferred from the main sources of gases to different departments in the form of pipelines. The correctness of the transfer of these gases in the hospital is so important that the smallest pressure drop or gas interruption can lead to loss of life, so gas control in medical centers is extremely important and vital.

Medical gas control alarm is responsible for controlling and monitoring medical gases. This device is placed on the way of the medical gas lines in the hospital and in case of pressure drop or disturbance in the device lines, it gives an audio and visual warning and informs the relevant officials to fix the problem. This action is done by a pressure switch or a vacuum switch, which transmits an alarm to the main board when the pressure drops.

The medical gas control alarm also has a digital model that shows the pressure or vacuum numerically, and in this model, instead of a pressure switch, sensors with high accuracy are used.
Medical gas control alarms are usually placed in the corridors of hospitals, nursing stations, and operating rooms to inform the nearest operator or relevant official about the slightest error in the transfer of medical gases.

The production of medical gas control alarms in Farad Tajhiz company is done with high precision and quality, and due to the high sensitivity of this product, it is tested several times. According to the number of gases, medical gas control alarms produced in Farad Tajhiz company are divided into single gas, two gas, three gas, four gas and five gas models. Medical gas control alarms have audio and visual alarms to notify the operators and relevant authorities when the system has the smallest problem.

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