Hospital Isolation System Model 121

One of the products of Farad Tajhiz company is the isolation system, which is used in different parts of the hospital, which include the operating room, surgical preparation room, intensive care unit, anesthesia room, cardiac counter room, angiography surgery room and premature babies room. Is. The isolation system of Farad Tajhiz has different parts, each of which has tasks, and these components are produced and assembled in the form of a package called an isolated panel or an isolated system.
Isolation systems or in other words isolation panel is one of the most important parts of hospital equipment, because if this set does not work properly, the hospital’s electrical equipment may be damaged or people may be electrocuted. It is possible, so it is necessary to use the best and highest quality equipment and products for the construction of this collection. To prevent these damages, Farad Tajhiz company equips all the components of this product, including transformer isolation, LIM, X-ray outlet, socket art, electrical outlet, unit It produces and assembles central earth and side alarms independently and with the highest quality.

The hospital isolation system is used to protect the electric shock caused by the leakage current in the ICU and CCU intensive care operating room to minimize the risk of electrocution and burns.

The different parts of the isolation system are:

1. Isolated transformer:

It is the name of a device that is used to protect circuits and equipment against electric shocks. In fact, this device can prevent damage to equipment during shocks, and on the other hand, it protects people and users from the risk of electric shock. Isolation transformers have the ability to control any noise and maintain ground connections. In fact, when your equipment is fed using an isolated transformer, it is so-called isolated from the ground. Therefore, if a person works on this equipment, in case of any accidental contact with the circuit, he will not be damaged or electrocuted. In this category of protection systems, the input and output are completely separated from each other. Therefore, in the isolated transformer, the connection between the primary and secondary windings of these devices will be made using the coupler inside the core. Currently, isolated transformers are designed and produced in different types of single-phase, 2-phase and three-phase and have different capacities.

2. Dynamic type LIM leakage current display:

In isolated panels, there is a device called LIM (Line Isolation Monitor) whose task is to constantly check line isolation. In case of errors and problems in the system, it calculates the next passing current and if this current is higher than the defined threshold for the system, it warns the operator visually and audio-visually.

Its unit is mA, which includes the following:

Power factor (P.F) display
Audible and visual leakage current warning display
Unauthorized voltage warning display audio and visual
Audio and visual trans overload warning display
Audio and visual display of non-standard temperature warning
Sending information over the Ethernet network in order to monitor the work of LIMs graphically and numerically on the computer

3. Ground And Power Outlets:

Electrical sockets that are responsible for supplying electricity to the devices, these sockets have an earth system, and the earth socket is also used to connect the earth to the desired devices in the operating room.

4. X-ray outlet:

It is a socket that can be installed in different parts of the hospital, including the operating room, surgery room, and delivery room, and it is used to connect the radiology device in the respective rooms. Due to its design and construction, the X-ray outlet can carry electricity up to 250 volts.

5. Master Grounding Station:

In each operating room, there is a central earthing unit, whose efficiency is such that the central earthing system is transferred to this device, and then the central earthing unit transfers it to all parts of the operating room, for devices and sockets that require earthing. have.

6. LIM Remote:

When the isolation device has a fault, the LIM of the device warns and then this warning is transferred to the side alarms to notify the hospital staff to fix the problem. Usually, side alarms are installed in two places, the operating room and the nursing station.