Medical Gas Valve Box and Alarm Control

  • Accurate valves
  • Variety pipe sizes
  • Elegant design & user friendly
  • Variety of gases (1gas , ... , 4 gas )
  • Warning for the drop in the pressure of medical gases of audio-visual

In the hospital, there is a need for valve box control alarms for each ward and nursing station. The function of the control valve box alarm is to measure and control the medical gases, if the amount of the desired gas drops, the device starts to sound an alarm and warns the hospital staff with an alarm to deal with and solve the problem. In addition to warning, the valve box has separate gauges for each gas to show the pressure level of its gas. Usually, the valve box can be produced from one to five gases, which include: oxygen, vacuum, compressed air, anesthesia and carbon dioxide.

Valve box control alarm is also one of the products of Farad Tajhiz, which is used to control the pressure of medical gases in hospital departments. Alarm control valve boxes of Farad Tajhiz company are of high quality in terms of appearance and performance. And in terms of the placement of the medical gas pipes, it is divided into two horizontal and vertical models, and in terms of the pressure display type, it is divided into two digital and simple types, which the respected consumer can choose his product according to the needs of the hospital.
Also, this device is divided into different types according to the number of gases used in it: single gas, two gas, three gas, four gas and five gas. The dimensions of the control valve box alarm box are different according to the number of gas and the direction of the pipes.

The alarm control valve boxes of the Farad Tajhiz collection are made of aluminum, steel and brass. Due to the importance of sealing the control valve box alarm set, this company has used high-strength brass blocks, which, in addition to the strength and resistance of this device, make sealing easily and with better quality. In this collection, the gas lines are tested under air pressure to ensure correct operation and ensure no leakage, and then they are sent to our dear customers.