AGSS Gas Outlets

  • No need for a drain pump.
  • Complete evacuation of anesthetic gas.
  • A unique mechanism compared to other outlets.

Anesthetic gas (N2O) is used in all operating rooms of medical centers and hospitals to anesthetize patients, which is done by an anesthesia machine. After the anesthesia is finished, the residual anesthetic gas must be removed from the anesthesia machine and transferred outside the site. The AGSS outlet with its unique design, by connecting the special AGSS adapter to the AGSS outlet and also connecting the end of the hose to the AGSS adapter which is permanently connected to the anesthesia machine, all the anesthetic gas is removed from the machine and is done through piping. , leaves the hospital. The AGSS outlet of Farad Tajhiz Engineering Company performs this operation without the need for a drain pump.

One of the unique products of this company’s Farad equipment collection is the AGSS outlet. This outlet, unlike AGSS outlets in the market, does not need a drain pump and only works by connecting to the compressed air flow in a fully controlled and adjustable manner. In this way, due to its unique mechanism and design, this outlet turns the flow of air pressure into a vacuum, which makes it possible to use the anesthetic gas in the operating room without using a pump, just by connecting the adapter to the AGSS outlet, Full was discharged from the anesthesia machine and transferred to the exit lines of the hospital.

The material used in the AGSS outlet is made of anodized aluminum, brass and steel. Despite the easy and simple operation of this outlet, its design and production method is very sensitive, so that its dimensional and geometrical tolerances must be highly accurate so that the performance of the AGSS outlet is accurate.

One of the characteristics of the AGSS outlet of Farad Tajhiz company, which is different from other AGSS outlets, is the AGSS alarm system, which is a visual warning that works by air flow. When the AGSS adapter is connected to the AGSS outlet, this alarm will turn green to notify the operator of the correctness of the connection and current operation.